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Nýhöfn Nordic Bistro is located by the harbour in the first family house built in Höfn in 1897 by the merchant Otto Tulinius. Höfn is a small fishing village on the south-east coast of Iceland on the outskirts of Vatnajökull National Park.

In the „Lounge“ in Nýhöfn Nordic Bistro we offer a la carte menu. In the „Cellar“  we offer specialty beers, dry fish, cured shark and other small Icelandic specialties.

We had lamb and lobster tails. The lamb was divine! Sooo soft and juicy. The best we’ve tried in Iceland. The lobster tails were ok, I guess even great, but I’m not a fan of lobsters. I enjoyed the sauce that came with the tails though. Prices are high as everywhere outside the capital region, but then again the food tasted better than in many other restaurants of the same price range we’ve been to.

UndyingPonyExcellent lamb!

It is a cute seafood place in Hofn. It is located in a house with history and the seafood was wonderful! It is a must stop for the anyone wanting to try the langoustine!

wisdaisySome of the best seafood we had in Iceland!

Great food and friendly staff! Prices are high like everywhere in Iceland but we didn’t regret spending our money there. We can definately recommend this place 🙂

bridget1981Fantastic food

The staff was really friendly in this nice, charming restaurant. The food was excellent!
You don’t have a lot of options in Höfn, so I definitely recommend it.

Chris CExcellent food in a charming location

We ate here in early August. I chose it because of wanting to eat Langoustine and the portion on their menu was smaller (but quite adequate) than the Humarhofnin Restaurant next door. Nyhofn is a really small intimate restaurant. The food was tasty and the service efficient and friendly. We were hoping to have a pre-dinner drink in the small bar in the cellar but unfortunately it was not open due to a staffing shortage. I would recommend this restaurant.

KayednzVery nice restaurant
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