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Firework show at Jökulsárlón

08/18/2019 - 08/18/2019

Due to a bad weather forecast fro Saturday the Firework show at Jökulrárlón has been delayed to Sunday the 18th of August at 22:30.

If you want to experience something extraordinary don’t miss out on the annual firework show at Jökulsarlón glacier lagoon which is held on the 17th of August. The show starts at 23:00 o’clock.

The annual fireworks show at Jökulsarlón in the Vatnajokull Region is a not-to-be-missed event that you will always remember. Illuminated icebergs bathed in colors from the magnificent firework show in natures most spectacular surrounding creates an extraordinary experience for spectators.
The fireworks show is an annual event and this is the 19th time it is held. Number of visitors has been escalating through the years and last year about 2.500 visitors enjoyed the show. The fireworks show is a collaboration between the Hornafjordur search and rescue association, Jökulsarlón boat trips and Visit Vatnajökull.

The entrance fee is 1.500 kr. per person, but free entrance for children 12 year old and younger. 

Tickets can be bought at the entrance at Jökulsárlón on the night of the event and in advance at:


Hótel Klaustur

N1 Höfn

Olís Höfn

Gamlabúð Höfn



All the fee goes to support the SAR team and their work.

There will not be any scheduled bus tours back and forth to the fireworks show at Jökulsárlón.

You can see more photos from the firework show from previous years here.


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