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Glacier kayaking is the ultimate way to experience the magnificence of the world famous Vatnajökull National Park.




Sat 15.May'21 09:00


15.900 ISK

Join us in an unforgettable trip and enjoy unbeatable panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers and their reflection in the mirror like water of the Heinaberg Lagoon. From the lagoon you will have an excellent view over Vatnajokull and on the tour we go for a short introductory glacier walk – safely equipped with the appropriate glacier gear. Heinabergslón is “out of the beaten path”, so there is no other traffic on the water. This is the tour for those who want to be environmentally friendly while exploring nature.

The trip is fully guided by guides with a vast knowledge of the area, its history, hidden spots – and of course kayaking. The Glacier Kayak Adventure suits people with no paddling experience to experienced paddlers. Our Kayaks are SIT-ON-TOP boats, very stable and should be suitable for first time kayakers as well.

Age limit is 14 years old

You can choose between single person kayak or two person kayak, children age 14-16 always ride with adult person age 17+ in two person kayak.

Our boats:
In all of our kayak tours we use SIT ON TOP kayaks. The boats are much wider than SIT IN kayaks and therefore much more stable. Beginners and those who have never gone kayaking before should not have a problem joining our tours.

We have single person kayaks and tandem kayaks for 2 persons.

Available from 15th may to September!

Warm clothing to wear under the dry-suit that we provide.
Warm socks.
Sunglasses on sunny days.

Kayak, drysuit, safety vest, shoes, gloves, kayak paddle, transportation and a 15 min drive from our base camp to Heinabergslón glacier lagoon.

Total duration of the tour: 3.5 hours


Our base camp is located at a place called Flatey, located 38 km west of Höfn. At Flatey our guides will outfit all participants with the appropriate kayak equipment and provide additional gear. Flatey is one of Iceland´s largest dairy farm and visitors have the opportunity to take a peek inside the farm. At Flatey you can buy basic refreshments and get access to free Wifi.
GPS: 64.259151, -15.587038

IceGuides goal is to provide informative, personal and a memorable experience in the stunning surroundings of Vatnajökull glacier.

IceGuide is a family run company owned by Óskar Arason, who is the company’s tour guide, and his wife Íris Heiður Jóhannsdóttir. Óskar is born and raised in the realm of Vatnajökull glacier, and being passionate for the outdoors he enjoys mountaineering, climbing and glacier hikes.


Ice Guide

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This was by far one of our favorite days in Iceland, which is saying a lot considering how beautiful the country is. We visited a different glacier the day before this trip and it was extremely crowded and we couldn’t get on the glacier without a guide. On this tour you go to a remote location and kayak around then they pull you up on the glacier and let you explore. Well worth the money and it was beautiful!

Lisamp2KAYAK! You can walk on the glacier without a crowd

This was AMAZING! You get to leisurely kayak through a glacial lagoon and climb an iceberg. The views and scenery are beautiful, the guides are friendly and knowledgeable. Could not have asked for a better experience!

Note**– They take safety very seriously, which is incredible and made me feel very safe. Our tour was canceled due to high winds, but thankfully we were able to re-book for the next day.


micheleandasherKayaking adventure!

We found out about this tour at the cafe at Jokulsarlon Lagoon. We called and got the last two spots for the 1:30 tour. We drove around half an hour in the direction to Hofn to a new large farm. Make sure to go up stairs and view the state of the art facility for the cows, very posh. We were fitted with dry suits, gloves and boots and driven to Heinaberg Lagoon. We were the only group at the lagoon. there are single and double kayaks available so specify when you book. We spent about 3 hours paddling and had a short walk on one of the ice burgs.This was truly a fun and unique experience.

paulandglennA must!!!
Visit Vatnajökull
Visit Vatnajökull