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What about turning of your WiFi, directing your focus inwards and enjoying the here and now? Than check out this tour!


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Wed 30.Sep'20 16:00


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Heart of Höfn is an easy and informative walk by the harbor and to the conservation area of Ósland. You will learn about the development of this beautiful fishing village, visit two small exhibitions and hear stories about the locals in the past as in the present. In Ósland, where the Arctic Tern is predominant from May till mid August, you can enjoy a fascinating geology and the spectacular mountain view with Vatnajökull and its glacier tongues in the leading role. In Ósland we will examine the Solar System Model on Höfn’s nature trail and on our way back to the harbor area we will stop at Pakkhúsið to get a taste of local gourmet food.

HÖFN – LOCAL GUIDE operates in the field of slow-adventure walks with a focus on nourishing experience through moderate movement in a beautiful nature, peaceful environment and personal communication with the locals. Dive into the story and culture of this beautiful fishing village with a guide born and bread in Höfn. On an easy and informative walks, you can enjoy the magnificent surroundings of the town, hear about its development and get to taste some of its local food. If you are interested in a conscious walk with your phone turned off and the nature and the people around you in focus, a tour with HÖFN – Local guide is something for you.

Duration1,5 – 2 hours

What’s included?
Guided walk, English and Icelandic
Taste of local food, beverage not included.

What do I need to bring?
Dress according to weather and were your walking shoes. You might want to bring a bottle of water with you.

Starting point at Gamlabúð, Information Center Höfn, 780 Hornafjörður.
Coordinates; 64° 15.023’N, 15° 12.233’W

Höfn – local guide’s goal is to provide informative, personal and slow-adventure experience in the fishing village of höfn and it’s amazing surroundings.

HÖFN – LOCAL GUIDE operates in the field of Slow-Adventure Tourism and Slow travel. The focus is on nourishing experience through moderate movement in beautiful nature, peaceful environment and personal communication with the locals. Höfn is an interesting destination in “RÍKI VATNAJÖKULS – VISIT VATNAJOKULL” and offers visitors a taste of the locals’ day-to-day life, history of a fishing village and a beautiful nature.

The slow travel philosophy is a cultural change against the notion that faster is always better. It’s about seeking to do everything at the speed that gives you a chance to connect to the here and now and your experience. Slow travel is a state of mind which allows travellers to engage more fully with communities and its inhabitants along their route. Slow travel focuses on the journey more than the destination. It gives you an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the here and now in your outdoor activities.

Dive into the story and culture of this beautiful fishing village or take a tour to some of the hidden gems close by with a guide born and raised in Höfn. The walks are easy and informative and you can enjoy the magnificent nature and geology, take part in outdoor cooking, experience yoga and mindfulness out in the open, get to taste some of the areas local food in a restaurant or come for a visit and have your dinner with a local family.

If you are interested in a conscious walk with your phone turned off, focusing on yourself, the nature and the people around you, a tour with HÖFN – LOCAL GUIDE is something for you. WELCOME


Höfn Local Guide

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What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Höfn! Hulda is a great storyteller. We walked, we talked. A family and a town’s history with the sea. A fishing industry. Now the lobster capital of Iceland. Tales about the fishermen, a visit to the fishermen’s rest museum. Food at the Pakkhaus – delicious and inventive! Nature meditation. Mindfulness breathing overlooking the Vatnajokull Ice Cap – a beautiful and inspiring Slow Adventure. I’ll be back for more! #slowadventuring #slowadventure

SMBellshawA Slow Adventure in Höfn

We drove to Hofn from Reykjavik with our friends Hjordes and Sigurjon while we were visiting from California. We met Hulda there … she is such a charming and inspiring woman who’s tours of Hofn and the surrounding areas are fun, educational and give you a real feel of true life on Iceland’s east coast. She has terrific recommendations for where to dine and knew all the spots we should stop at during our travels. Hulda’s tour gives you the authentic Icelandic experience in and around Hofn. We look forward to going back and spending more time with her and learning more of Iceland’s history in the beautiful seaside town of glacier lagoons and so much more!!

marythorgilsdottirOur visit to Hofn ...

I booked this walking tour at the last minute, and Hulda was very accommodating. One of the best tours I did around the world – Hulda was very knowledgeable, insightful and made the history of Iceland, not just of Hofn, but of the farmers and fishermen across the land, come alive. If you want to dig deep and meet real Iceland, just take a wander with her. From the history to geology to genealogy, to why Icelandic women are so strong and independent, every moment with her was fascinating. The pace was easy and leisurely and she gives you time to really absorb your surroundings, take the moment to enjoy your present, be mindful of where we are now. She answered my many questions professionally and enthusiastically and this walking tour will stand out as a very special experience in my life. As an African, sharing similarities with Iceland was very awe-inspiring. No matter how different our worlds may appear, humanity shares the same dreams, sorrow, and hardships across the world. And it’s a beautiful world indeed. We ended with a delicious sampling of local Icelandic delicacies at The Pakkhus, a perfect conclusion to a surprise experience. I learned so much about Iceland from the simplicity of this guided walk.

Birgit MA highlight of my Icelandic trip
Visit Vatnajökull
Visit Vatnajökull