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An ice cave tour in the Vatnajökull Region




Wed 21.Oct'20 10:15


19.900 ISK

In that time we have gathered a lot of knowledge how to get our clients to the best available cave of each day as the conditions of the caves change during the winter. In autumn each year we start looking for the ice caves for the winter. Normally we find caves in several different locations on the south side of Vatnajökull.

The cave we choose from day to day depends on time of winter, time of day, weather and other conditions at the time. We always go to the most interesting cave available at each time. We normally go into one cave per trip.

The average duration of the tour is around 3 hours, however this can change depending on how far we need to drive, how far we have to walk and how complicated the ice cave is (sometimes there is only few meters walk from the car to the cave, other times it can be up to 1 km)

We do not only look at the size of the ice cave but the beauty and colors, the ice caves are normally from 30-70 meters long.

Duration: 2-4 hours

What to bring:
Good boots or hiking shoes are essential, as we sometimes need to put on crampons and sometimes the ground can be very muddy in or on the way to the ice cave. You can rent boots from us if it looks like your shoes are not suitable. Rental fee is 500 isk.

Please wear warm outdoor clothing!

Minimum age of passengers is 13 years.

Please note that this tour is not a photography tour.

Local Guide HQ in Fagurhólsmýri (N1 fuel automat at the same location). 1/2 hour east of Skaftafell and 1/2 hour west Jökulsárlón in southeast Iceland.

GPS: N63° 52.865 W16° 38.780 (WGS84, Degree-Minutes.Minutes) or 63.881083 -16.646333 (WGS84, Hd .d°)

Local guide is a small family run glacier guiding company that has been operating in South East Iceland since 1991. The company was founded by my grandfather Sigðurður Bjarnason but since 2015 myself and my partner Helen Maria have taken over a part of the company.

We are proud to maintain the excellent reputation of Local Guide and we pride ourselves on hiring local guides with an excellent knowledge of the area and the island as a whole and offering small group tours to enhance your experience.

Whilst the company was established in 1991, we are three generations of glacier guides and up to five generations of explorers in the area, one of the first men to climb the highest summit in Iceland Hvannadalshnúkur, on the 17th of August 1891 was my great grandfather Páll Jónsson.

In the summer months we offer hiking on the glacier with half day hikes, family tours and full day advanced tours for those with experience who want an adventure on the ice.

During the winter months from October to March we offer ice caving tours.

Me and my father were the first people to offer regular ice cave tours in Iceland
and we are continuing to offer this service, we strive to find the best available caves to offer the best experience possible for our guests.

As a small company we love the flexibility this gives us to be able offer private tours and to
work on exciting projects for photography, film and print, we are always open to new
possibilities so would welcome your enquiry.

We hope that you will enjoy your tour with local guide and we look forward to meeting you.


Local Guide

Tel: +354 894 1317

Email: [email protected]

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We had the best time on our Ice Cave Tour. Our guide, Sigurgeir, was knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the glacier and his work as a glacier guide. The tour consisted of a hike to the cave, time spent in the cave, some time spent on the glacier and the hike back. It was absolutely stunning and words, truly cannot express the feelings you get from being so much a part of nature. We will definitely be back and next time look forward to the full day, ice cave discovery tour!

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