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Wed 28.Oct'20 13:30


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A trip to the ice caves gives you an everlasting memory of your visit to our amazing Vatnajökull National Park. Inside Europe’s largest glacier the interaction of light and ice is unique and the experience of being inside the glacier is so breathtaking that no word can describe it.

We drive in our super jeep from Glacier lagoon to the steel of Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, but there is where the caves form whith the interaction of water, ice and temperature changes during spring- and summertime.  The ride to the glacier takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the snow layer.  You have about 45 minutes to explore the cave and breath in the energy of the glacier.

Ice caves are natural phenomenons and ever changing. Sometimes Crystal Cave is impassable because of water and in those cases we will go to another cave.  Each cave has it’s own identity but all are magnificent in their natural beauty.  We explore those caves that are available at each time and season, but please be aware that the caves change from season to season and even from month to month within the same season so they are always unique and do not always look precisely as on pictures.

There are a few other tour guides working in the ice caves as well, so it is likely to meet other groups on our way to or from the cave and even inside the cave.

Duration: 2-3 hours  (That is from Jökulsárlón and back)

What’s included?
• All necessary gear such as helmets(compulsory) and crampons (if needed).
• Drive in a super jeep from Glacier lagoon, to the cave and back to Glacier lagoon.
• A local English speaking guide.

What do I need to bring?
• Outdoor clothing based on weather conditions at the time of the trip. Such as hat, gloves etc.
• Good shoes, suiteble for hiking in snow.
• Camera.
• Good mood 🙂

Minimum age of passengers is: 12

Meeting point: Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón)

Please be at meeting point 20 minutes before departure

South East ehf is a small family business  located in the town of Höfn on the southeast coast of Iceland.

Our names are Anna María and Siggi, we run this business and our aim is to make your visit to our beautiful area as magnificent as we can. We have lived here almost all our lives and know the area and all of its hidden gems.

We have one 4×4 Nissan Patrol on 38″ tires and one Ford Excursion extended on 45″ tires.  The Patrol takes 6 passengers and the Ford takes 10 passengers. We specialize in smaller groups and private tours but if we have a request for larger groups we do our best to supply the service our customers seek.  We are so lucky to have friends with super jeeps to help us if needed.

Siggi is the driver and guide, he has worked for many years in our local rescue unit. He worked as a fisherman for about 23 years but for the last 7 years he has been a harbor pilot and the director of the port of Hornafjörður.


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One of the highlights for our trip since the very beginning of the planning phase was the ice cave tour, especially for photography. We contacted some other companies to book a private tour to the caves, however they all replied that all the tours were fully booked or private tours were not offered.
All the big companies we contacted always replied after two or three days, which was very frustrating, some others suggested that booking private tours was not a good decision since the only difference in the tour was the private transportation and the cave will always be crowded because of popularity of the place.
As a last shot, once in Iceland we contacted to try to book a private tour to the caves, and unlike the other companies, customer service was incredibly reaponsive via email. And being photography our interest, the company offered us a private tour at 4 am a couple of days later after the initial contact, we took and it was amazing.
When we arrived to the cave, no one was there, and the guide made us our life easier by bringing a set of lights and some cool gear like snow axes. It was really nice to be able to see the sunrise on our way to the cave, with an espectacular view to the glacier on an amazing super keep adventure.

GreatscapephotoAmazing private ice cave tour for photography

Siggi was so wonderful and very knowledgable. You can tell that he is passionate about his work and the best at what he does. Unlike some of the bigger tours, Siggi’s is max 5-8 peopke, which really allows you to experience the caves.
Recommending this tour to all my friends/family who are heading to Iceland.

Angelika GThe Best Ice Caves Tour! An Absolute Must!

We made our way to the lagoon to take pictures and made an impromptu decision to join the ice cave tour. It was lucky they have slots for us and we immediately paid for it! The tour has 6 of us. It was the perfect size! The other groups went 30 mins earlier than us and our guide brought us to the least crowded caves first before going to the crystal cave! By then, the crowd has dispersed! He allowed us to take as much time as we would like! The whole tour lasted for almost 3 hours! He also helped to take fantastic pictures and suggested good spots to capture pictures! I was told they are able to do customised tour for you! Highly recommend!

Stellay99Best ice cave tour you can ever ask for!

While staying near the glacier lagoon we did a private ice cave tour with Siggi.
We started at 8.30 am, well before sunrise but that gave us time in the cave. It was really amazing and fascinating at the same time. We also visited a second place to have a look around a former ice cave entrance. The ice here was totally different.
We got to those places safely and comfortably in the super Jeep driven by the guide who also entertained us with loads of information about the ice, the caves, Iceland and things to do and see. On site we were equipped with helmets and crampons.
I would highly recommend doing a private tour by a local guide like this and not one of the bigger tours as the experience here is much better.

glaesmannOne of the best things to do
Visit Vatnajökull
Visit Vatnajökull