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We offer Boat Tours on the majestic Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Fjallsárlón is an isolated glacial lagoon in Vatnajökull Region.


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We offer Boat Tours on the majestic Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Fjallsárlón is an isolated glacial lagoon in the realm of Vatnajökull. Arriving to the lagoon is like stepping into a dreamlike world that offers spectacular sights. Iceland’s tallest volcano, the Öræfajökull glacier, looms above the lagoon and reaches down to the water where icebergs break off into the lake and drift serenely around before melting. During the tour we will take you on a journey through time and tell you how the local farmers had to struggle with the forces of nature in their daily lives. We invite you to experience the breathtaking natural scenery as we take you on a guided boat tour along floating icebergs and giant glaciers!

The icebergs are different in size, shape, and hues that make the appearance of each iceberg unique. Wherever you look you can see how the natural forces of the glacier have shaped the landscape. Not only is the glacier constantly sculpting the landscape but also depending on the weather the scenery takes on different forms. This makes each visit to Fjallsárlón a unique individual experience because the scenery is constantly changing.

Sailing besides the glacier and the icebergs is a great memory to take from Iceland and something you should not miss being in the southeast part of Iceland. If you are looking for a memorable activity you should seize the day and do a tour among the icebergs. You will not come across an iceberg lagoon that often!

The tour on the lagoon takes 45 minutes. Total tour duration is approximately 90 minutes.
Age limitations
Please note that children must have reached the age of 6 be eligible for the boat trip.

What’s included?
Warm Flotation Jacket and life vest.

What do I need to bring?
It is good to wear good shoes, walking boats or other good shoes for walking.

The tour begins with preparing you and the rest of the group in protective clothing. When it comes to suiting up for the tour it turns out to be a great entertainment for people and a team builder. After suiting up you will be in the hands of your guide. The guide will lead the way down to the lagoon through mossy landscape until you reach the boats. There is then nothing left to do except take off and go an adventure around the lagoon.

The iceberg safari is quite private since there are few people in each boat. We operate on Zodiac boats and the maximum number of each boat is 10 people. Using a small boat gives you a chance to go close to the nicest icebergs and to take an interesting route around the icebergs.

The tour is both an adventure and an informational tour where our guides offer unique inside into the history and nature of the area. You will have a great chance to learn interesting things about glaciers and iceberg formation. If you are lucky you will experience when a piece breaks off the edge of the glacier into the lagoon.

Fjallsárlón is located just off of the main road, 47 kilometers east of Skaftafell national park and 10 kilometers west of Jökulsárlón. Look for a sign that says “Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon Boat Tours”.

GPS Coordinates: 64°0’57.74184”N 16°21’55.67976”W
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Iceberg lagoon boat tour

It is now open for bookings for 2017!

Posted by Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon on Monday, 12 December 2016

Fjallsárlón was founded and is run by two friends who met in University. One of the owners grew up on a farm close to Fjallsárlón and spent his childhood in herding sheep from the mountains around Fjallsárlón. So when the farm boy introduced the city boy to Fjallsárlón there was no turning back. With a good friendship and love of nature around Fjallsárlón as a weapon, they decided to start offering boat tours on the lagoon, but this had never been done on Fjallsárlón before.

It did not take a long time from starting the tours until they could no longer meet demand, so they had to hire staff. Since then their friendship has resulted in an ambitious tourism business with professional staff in each position.

The team consists of a diverse group of people with different backgrounds. What unites the group is love; of the outdoors, for Icelandic nature and the peacefulness within the countryside. They love it strong that they choose to live in an area during working season called ‘’wasteland” known to be isolated and far from urban areas. Living and working together in an isolated area, therefore, makes the team more of a family than co-workers. As all other families, the Fjallsárlón family loves nothing more than to get visitors. The team aims to make each visit a unique experience with professionalism as a guiding light.

Our guides know the area inside out; both the dramatic changes that have taken place in the landscape over the years as well as the history of the local population. Our bistro team is passionate about creating good food. They love to chat with guests and give helpful tips about the area.



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In deciding between a boat trip on this lagoon or the larger one at Jokulsarlon, I ended up choosing this one based on other travelers’ recommendations and the advice of a waiter at our nearby hotel; the fact that the price for this tour is lower than the ones on Jokulsarlon was an extra added attraction. In these small zodiac boats that hold around 12 people plus the guide but are normally only filled with ten tour members, you can get very close to the glacier and its icebergs, admiring the beautiful blue color of the compressed ice. You even get to taste a piece of iceberg. We were here on a windy, overcast day with showers at times but still enjoyed the tour very much. it would have been nice to have had more visibility, but the rain deepened the blue color of the ice. You get warm, waterproof coats (and life preservers) from the tour company, but I would also recommend wearing water-resistant pants if it is a wet day. You get a full 45 minutes out on the lagoon, and the whole event (including getting into and out of your protective gear) takes about 90 minutes. One of the highlights of our Iceland trip!

AmericanAbroad15Least expensive and best way to view the glacier and its icebergs

We enjoyed the lagoon boat tour.

So huge and amazing icebergs.

We did not feel so quiet on our small zodiac… facing these monsters of ice !

Organisation is highly professional and safety oriented.

We had “the chance” to experience an ice break and saw the little mountain of ice falling into the lagoon; we could imagine the consequence in case of a stronger crash…

A great experience to recommend.

GUILLAUME FA great tour near the icebergs

We booked the glacial tour here rather than Jokulsarlon as we wanted a quit, up close, tranquil experience with a personal touch and we certainly got that. The staff were excellent and nothing was too much trouble, from the people who kit you out in warm waterproof gear to wear to the boat driver guides. We felt like this was excellent value for money.
We wore warm clothes, it was August and a little overcast, we opted to wear the two piece waterproof pants and jackets, others wore the all-in-ones. We were warm and didn’t feel too bulky to move our arms and take pictures. As you leave the tent give your camera to someone and have your photo taken decked out in your suits with the glacier behind you- it makes a great photo.
We walked down to the zodiac boats and 6 per boat meant we could all get a great view and the boat guide made sure to maneuver the boat so that everyone got a good view. He found a piece of 600 year old ice floating and let us look at it and feel it.
The whole boat ride was intelligent, informative and unrushed. At times we just floated in silence listening to the glacier and the ice creaking.
We were on the water for about 45 minutes and felt safe and comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend this as part of your Icelandic experience, just don’t tell anyone else so that it stays quiet!

WorralsEnjoy the tranquility and lack of tourists.

Way less touristy than the others – only one small boat with 7 people on it! And cheaper than other ones! Great educational tour and staff – we met the owner who is always there – everyone so friendly! Great views and best way to experience the glaciers! Other place was a mob scene. This place is the best!

unicorynBest intimate experience

The team here is well run and accommodating. You get full snow suits to stay perfectly warm and the guides are very knowledgable. Very personal tour and he also introduced us to a German sculptor who was using the glacier as his studio. A double treat! Amazing to see the colors of the glaciers and learn about their history and future!

MayorTaylorExcellent adventure!
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