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Unique circumstances call for special occasions, why not go exclusive!
Private guided boat tour on Fjallsarlon, Iceberg Lagoon.


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We offer private tours for those who want to be a bit more exclusive. Private tours offer more flexibility of the actual tour and from your guide. The guide can, therefore, tailor the tour to your own individual needs.

What’s included?
Flotation jacket and life vest

What do I need to bring?
If raining, waterproof pants

Fjallsárlón is located just off of the main road, 47 kilometers east of Skaftafell national park and 10 kilometers west of Jökulsárlón. Look for a sign that says “Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon Boat Tours”.

Iceberg lagoon boat tour

It is now open for bookings for 2017!

Posted by Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon on Monday, 12 December 2016

Fjallsárlón was founded and is run by two friends who met in University. One of the owners grew up on a farm close to Fjallsárlón and spent his childhood in herding sheep from the mountains around Fjallsárlón. So when the farm boy introduced the city boy to Fjallsárlón there was no turning back. With a good friendship and love of nature around Fjallsárlón as a weapon, they decided to start offering boat tours on the lagoon, but this had never been done on Fjallsárlón before.

It did not take a long time from starting the tours until they could no longer meet demand, so they had to hire staff. Since then their friendship has resulted in an ambitious tourism business with professional staff in each position.

The team consists of a diverse group of people with different backgrounds. What unites the group is love; of the outdoors, for Icelandic nature and the peacefulness within the countryside. They love it strong that they choose to live in an area during working season called ‘’wasteland” known to be isolated and far from urban areas. Living and working together in an isolated area, therefore, makes the team more of a family than co-workers. As all other families, the Fjallsárlón family loves nothing more than to get visitors. The team aims to make each visit a unique experience with professionalism as a guiding light.

Our guides know the area inside out; both the dramatic changes that have taken place in the landscape over the years as well as the history of the local population. Our bistro team is passionate about creating good food. They love to chat with guests and give helpful tips about the area.



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My eyes teared, I pinched myself…was that for real? My husband and I were so disappointed after the cancellation of our much anticipated zodiac tour in Jokulsarlon. We were just driving along, my husband telling me not to be sad about it, when suddenly we saw the sign!! “DRIVE BACK”, I exclaimed!! We took our little rental car down the gravel road which opened up to a stunning glacial lagoon. We asked the very nice man in the trailer about a tour and he told us there would be one in 15 min. All suited up and ready to go, he led us down to the zodiac. Lucky us! We had a private tour. So there we were- my husband, myself and our wonderful guide amongst icebergs, beside the glacier. It was serenity. Highly recommend it. One of our top travel experiences ever!

Kara2007I felt like I was on a travel show!!

Hats off to the guides at Fjallsarlon!! They are so knowledgeable, relaxed, accommodating, and ready to give you an experience you will always remember. We had booked a private tour for my husband and me in the afternoon, but the rain was pouring down and the wind blowing. We asked if we could return in the morning and they were so kind to say “of course.” We had wondered if we should go if it were still raining, but at our hotel, Haii Country Hotel, one of the ladies who worked there said we should go in the rain because the ice bergs are bluer than in the sun. So the next morning it was still drizzling and we anyway. We are so happy we did! The bergs were so beautiful and the whole lagoon amazing! Our guide “bear” did a fantastic job of teaching us all about the lagoon’s history and about glaciers and ice bergs. Everything was so relaxed and so beautiful! Oh yes, with our permission we did end up going with 4 other persons, but it was just fine. The tour seemed just as special and personal because all our questions were answered with thoroughness and insight. Hats off to this group of talented young men who know how to share God’s beauty in such a special way.

Leland55Fabulous Experience!

on a tour with SuperJeep we arrived here after missing all the boats at the jokulars lagoon. Our superjeep guide set us up on what appeared to be a private boat ride of approx 20-30 mins. Suits were warm, and the boat ride was fun. The driver didn’t speak much but we enjoyed ourselves and would recommend this to anyone, esp over the crowds at the other lagoon.

JJcookieexcellent private boat ride for 2
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