Private Full-Day Ice Cave Tour



A full day of ice cave glory!






Embark on a day trip visiting ice caves without any pressure for time! You decide if we just spend the entire day in one cave, or if we split the time between multiple locations. From our experience, the relatively short winter days make it near impossible to visit more than two caves – especially since you’ll want to spend quite a bit of time in each.

We will meet you at a pickup location of your choice, and take our superjeep over rugged terrain to the trail head. On a full day tour we will have sufficient time to venture out to more remote places, add on a few detours to scenic locations that we pass on the way, or perhaps test ourselves at ice climbing while we’re on the glacier. Flexibility is king!

Total duration approximately 6-8 hours, depending on day length.

What’s included?
Your own personal driver & guide
Transportation from Jökulsárlón or a meeting location of your choice
Superjeep tour to the trail head
All required glacier & safety equipment (helmet, crampons, etc.)

What do I need to bring?
Good, warm outdoor clothing
Hiking boots
A camera, possibly also tripod

Please note
This will be a long day. Access conditions and length depends on which caves we choose to visit, but being out and about for a long day requires good fitness and suitable clothing.

We offer pick up to the following places for this activity:
  • Apótek Guesthouse
  • Árnanes
  • Artbjarg Guesthouse
  • Birkifell
  • Brunnhóll
  • Dilksnes Guesthouse
  • Dyngja Guesthouse
  • Dynjandi Guesthouse
  • Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
  • Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
  • Fosshotel Vatnajökull
  • Gamlabúð Information Centre
  • Gerði
  • GlacierWorld Guesthouse
  • Hafnarnes Guesthouse
  • Hali
  • Heinaberg
  • Höfn Guesthouse
  • Höfn Inn
  • Hólmur
  • Hotel Edda, Ásgarður
  • Hotel Höfn
  • Hotel Jökull
  • Hotel Smyrlabjörg
  • House on the Hill
  • Hvammur Guesthouse
  • Jökulsárlón
  • Milk Factory
  • N1 Höfn
  • N1 Nesjum
  • Nýibær Guesthouse
  • Nýpugarðar
  • Old Airline Guest House
  • Seljavellir Guesthouse
  • Setberg
  • Skálafell Guesthouse
  • Stekkatún (Skálafell II)

Not on the list? Just contact us and we can check what we can do.

Based on a small farm in Southeast Iceland, we live and breathe Icelandic outdoor adventures. We combine decades of mountaineering and photographic expertise to make your trip the best it can possibly be!

Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience, and we do not make compromises. All activities are in private groups and almost everything can be individually customised to match your preferences, abilities and available time. We also work closely with other guides in the area to provide you with a wide range of options for larger groups or special activities.

With a lifelong passion for photography – and the award of Master Craftsmanship by the Austrian Guild of Professional Photographers to prove it – we know exactly what enthusiasts and professionals are looking for. It influences the places you want to go for the best angle, it dictates the time of day you’re looking for to get the best light, and it means you’ll want to have enough time to set everything up perfectly for the best shot.

We’re here to make it all happen.

Think of our offers more as a tailor-made suit, expertly shaped to fit you perfectly, instead of something you have to buy off the rack. If our tour descriptions make you think “great, but wouldn’t it be nice if they could …” — chances are that yes, we can!



Tel: +354 849 4159

Email: [email protected]

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Stephan was such a caring and lovely guide- his care for us, from the many parks visited, to his lovely home stay, to the unbelievably awesome glacier hike and ice cave – it felt like a fantasy world. The entire experience moved me so much that I burst out crying of joy and sadness of parting when we left the tour. I cannot wait to go back again on a tour with Stephan. What an experience.

Vyjayanthi VSUPERB, awe-inspiring, heartwarming

As three photographer friend, we booked a full day trip with Stephan at the end of winter to visit the ice cave and explore the glacier landscapes around. This was one of the best guided tour I ever experienced. Our pre-tour experience already was a good sign as Stephan provided with many inputs to organize at best the tour for us according to our needs and with some update on the weather condition. We wanted the cristal ice cave we also drove longer and farther on the glacier to explore another ice cave entrance. As the guide remind us : this is your tour and we can stop anytime as long as you wish which is just perfect for photographers. We were able to stay longer for larger groups in the cave and therefore benefit of time with no one to shoot as we wish. I know already which guide I will contact for my next trip in Iceland !

MarcPeA perfect guide for a private adventure

On a fairly warm day considering it was April in Iceland, Stephan led myself and 3 others in my family to the glacier and we actually walked on it. It was an inspiring, truly awesome experience, one of the best we had during our 10 day trip to Iceland.

What I liked most about Stephan’s tour was the knowledge and intelligence he brought to the experience. He teaches you to really respect the glacier and you’ll walk away learning a lot more about it. He has a particular reverence for nature that is infectious. Of course he is well versed in safety as he also serves on the safety rescue team in the area. You couldn’t be in better hands than with Stephan as your guide.

GirlsGuideFounderStephan is an amazing guide!
Visit Vatnajökull
Visit Vatnajökull