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Hello and welcome to our new website, as well as our new blog! We’ll start with telling you a little about us and what we do.

The company Visit Vatnajökull was formed as a cluster back in 2007, for 80 companies in tourism, food and culture. The goal of the cluster was to promote the region building on its strength in nature, local food and culture, and cooperation between the companies. These dozens of companies work together to provide service and help tourists experience what the area has to offer. They work together under the banner of the Vatnajökull Region and pride themselves in their cooperation and hospitality. As the times change so has the company and now it is a booking agency. The company had a total makeover. New website, new blog, more updates on our social media accounts (btw, give us a follow here) and now even the ability to book tours through us!

The company only specializes in the Vatnajökull Region, hence the name 😉. It covers over 200km of the Ring road and is in the Southeastern part of the country. The area offers a great variety in activities, accommodation and restaurants.

“The capital” of the region is a small fishing village called Höfn. Höfn has a couple of restaurants, supermarket, a swimming pool, beautiful walking paths and a scenic drive. Höfn is known for its lobster and has been called the lobster capital of Iceland. Höfn has many restaurants offering this precious product as well as various other local specialties year-round.

As mentioned, there are many activities in the region and they vary after seasons. In the winter, Ice-Caves are really popular and of course the famous Northern Lights. The summer activities are even as good, for example sailing and kayaking in glacial lagoons, snowmobiling, ice walks or climbs and even more. More blogs coming soon about these activities and magnificent photos.

Visit Vatnajökull
Visit Vatnajökull