About us - The Vatnajokull Region

The Vatnajökull Region stretches over a large area on the southeast coast of Iceland, from the majestic mountain Lómagnúpur in the west over to the captivating landscape of Hvalnes in east. Travellers in the Vatnajökull Region have the privilege of visiting Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, along with numerous nearby attractions.

The Vatnajökull Region is truly one of the most breathtaking regions of Iceland  where you can find deep blue ice caves, charming glacial lagoons filled with floating ice bergs, as well as glacier tongues resting on the green fields of the lowland.
Iceland’s highest peak, Hvannadalshnúkur, deep valleys and unique black sand beaches are created by the forces of nature where waves, wind and currents shape the landscape into amazing works of art by nature.

The region offers a wide range of activities all year around, whether you prefer an adventurous day at the glacier, or a tranquil moment at one of the local museums. You sure are in a food haven in the region, as it offers a great variety of restaurants that use locally grown produce. Something to suit everyone´s palate!

A journey around the captivating Vatnajökull Region, that rests between glaciers and black beaches of the Atlantic ocean, won´t be a disappointment to anyone.

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