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The Vatnajökull Region stretches over a large area in the Southeast of Iceland. In this area that covers over 200 km of the Ring Road, you will find a great variety in activities, accommodation and restaurants. This is one of the most spectacular and special parts of the island. Here you can find glacier tongues resting on the green fields of the lowland, incredible glacial lagoons with floating icebergs, the highest mountaintop in Iceland and the deepest lake of the country, unique black sand beaches, colorful mountains and deep valleys, rich in birdlife, reindeers and seals. The area has is one of the greatest trekking area of the island and has the best access to Vatnajökull National Park. This rich nature together with very good tourist services makes the Vatnajökull Region one of the most interesting and most visited areas of the country.

Vatnajokull area and Hofn “the lobster capital of Iceland”

Vatnajokull Region is not only in great proximity of the Vatnajökull glacier but also to the ocean. The Icelandic langoustine is a speciality of the area and the town Höfn is known as the lobster capital of Iceland. There is a great variety of locally produced food that can be ordered of menus at restaurants in the region. In addition to the variety in local food, the clean and unspoiled nature is a hallmark of the Vatnajökull Region.

Tourism companies, restaurants and activities companies in south Iceland

For the last 10 years, Visit Vatnajökull or Ríki Vatnajökuls, has operated as a cluster of companies in tourism, food and culture in the Vatnajökull Region. During this time, the company has evolved. Now Visit Vatnajökull uses its experience in tourism and offers a free booking service in cooperation with our partners in the area. All of your partner have required working and safety permits. Our goal is to offer a top-quality service to all travelers, to make their stay more enjoyable and the experience more memorable.

Visit Vatnajokull is a booking service for the local companies in tourism

Visit Vatnajökull operates as a booking service and is therefor not a tourist information center. However, we do work with two phenomenal information centers that are in the region that are operated by Vatnajökull National Park staff. One is located in Skaftafell and the other one in Höfn.
If you need any help with bookings or more information feel free to contact us at [email protected]


Visit Vatnajökull