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Brekka guesthouse is situated in the region of Lón, which is appr. 30 km ( 18 miles) east of Höfn Hornafjörður, a town of appr. 2000 inhabitants. Lón is renowned for its spectacular view and magical scenery, where nature plays contrast with glacial-rivers, mountains, valleys, and magnificent colors.  In this gem of a landscape, you have the opportunity to wake up in one of our four bedrooms which all include private baths and entrances, and experience peace, quiet, and beauty.

Fun facts about Brekka guesthouse

Our overnight guests can expand their horizon and try homemade Icelandic cooking.

The possibility of getting up close and personal to the Icelandic farm-life is a fact at Brekka Guesthouse. Brekka’s patroness can make that happen for her guests.

Visit Vatnajökull
Visit Vatnajökull