Join us on a journey to meet the extraordinary locals residing in the Vatnajökull area. Whether they are farmers cultivating the land or knowledgeable tour guides, these videos offer an immersive experience into the daily lives of the natives. Discover their favorite aspects of living in the countryside as they share their stories. Get ready to be enchanted by the captivating magic and beauty of Vatnajökull. Watch the videos and start planning your visit today!


Born and raised in Kálfafell, Suðursveit, Aðalbjörg Bjarnadóttir shares her journey as a farmer in this captivating video. Proudly calling this area home, she unfolds her story of a life made worthwhile and exciting by her deep affection for nature, farming, and sheep. Aðalbjörg expresses the joy she finds in the arrival of spring, when everything comes to life, the birds begin to sing, and an indescribable sense of fulfillment takes over.


Bjarni Haukur, primarily raised in Kópavogur, currently resides in Kálfafell with his wife. Embracing the roles of farmer, tour guide, and repairman, he proudly declares, “you could say I do everything.” In this insightful video, Bjarni shares his perspectives on the perks and challenges of living in the area, unraveling the mysteries and beauty of the countryside that surround him.


Get acquainted with Óskar, from the Höfn area. With roots stretching back through many generations, Óskar holds a deep and enduring connection to this place he proudly calls home. Join him on a journey to explore the wonders and untamed beauty of an environment framed by mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls, all seen through the lens of Óskar’s unique perspective.


Introducing Sindri Snær Þorsteinsson, a native of Skálafell in Suðursveit, currently managing a farm and tending to sheep alongside his family. Sindri draws a vivid distinction between urban living and the serene ambiance of the countryside. Join us for a glimpse into the tranquility and rejuvenation that a retreat to Skálafell offers.


Explore the captivating world of Hali with Fjölnir Torfason, a dedicated farmer and travel guide. As a native of this enchanting land, Fjölnir brings forth a rich tapestry of insights into the region, weaving together its folklore, history, and the profound connection between humanity and the surrounding nature. Join him in this video as he unfolds essential details about Hali, offering a glimpse into the magical synergy between people and the natural wonders that define this unique locale.


Embark on a journey with Þorbjörg Arnórsdóttir, the director of the Þórbergssetur center in Hali, Suðursveit. Hofn-born and raised, Þorbjörg briefly ventured away for her education in adolescence. Yet, her heart remained tethered to the countryside, nature, and history of her homeland. In this insightful video, she delves into the historical connection with glaciers, exploring their harmonious influence on the lives of the people in this remarkable area.


Originally from Germany, Klaus and his wife have found their home in Öræfi, a place they proudly call home. Nestled within a close-knit community and surrounded by breathtaking views, they have discovered immense happiness in the Icelandic countryside. Klaus highlights the strong sense of community, emphasizing how neighbors readily come to their aid when they are working on projects, reciprocating the same kindness. Join Klaus in this video as he shares his profound love for the captivating Icelandic nature and rich culture.


Regina, having lived in various regions of Iceland, now calls Öræfi her home. To her, this place is nothing short of paradise on earth. In this video, join her as she passionately describes her deep affection for the area and its nature. Regina shares the joys of mushroom picking, foraging for food, tending to the sheep, and taking in the beauty of the flowers and birds—immersing herself in the wonders of everything in between.


Discover Einar’s story from Hofsnes in Öræfi and delve into his journey with the everchanging Icelandic landscape. With roots tracing back through generations of Öræfi residents, Einar inherited invaluable knowledge from his grandfather, emphasizing the significance of observing the glacier’s floods and their impact on subsequent seasons. Today, Einar’s family carries on the tradition of living sustainably off the land, sharing their wisdom with others. Join Einar in this video to gain insights into the rich heritage and sustainable practices that define life in Öræfi.


Eva and Peter crossed paths in Amsterdam during their college years – Peter hailing from Sweden and Eva from Iceland. Although Öræfi had always been Eva’s dream destination, she believed it would stay just that—a dream. Fortunately, Peter shared her awe for the area, leading them to make the decision to move and renovate old houses together. Both cherish the openness of Öræfi, relishing the opportunity to live remotely and carve out their own space. Discover more about their experiences and the magnetic pull of Öræfi by watching the video.


Óðinn Eymundsson, born and raised in Höfn, is a chef at Skinney-Þinganes. He spends his leisure time at his countryside retreat in Lón, a project he began 20 years ago on what was then barren land. He deeply values connecting with nature, whether it’s through gardening, hiking, fishing, or playing golf. Óðinn finds that being in nature is grounding, helping him to leave behind everyday worries and rejuvenate. He cherishes the safety and growth of this cherished place.


Hulda Laxdal Hauksdóttir, originally from Höfn in Hornafjordur, has transitioned from a career in education to working in tourism. She takes great pride in guiding visitors through her hometown by boat, showcasing its stunning scenery. Hulda appreciates the small-town feel of Höfn, finding it suits her perfectly with its amazing environment. Although Höfn’s remote location poses some challenges, its self-sufficiency is a point of pride. For Hulda, living in Höfn is about adapting to life’s changes, much like adjusting sails to the wind, and she relishes the quality of life in her beloved town.


Ágúst, who grew up in Hornafjörður, is the operations manager at Jökulsárlón and lives in Höfn with his wife and daughter. He enjoys his beautiful life by the ocean, just a five-minute walk from nature at Ósland, and stunning natural landscapes within 10 to 15 minutes’ drive in any direction. He resides in the Vatnajökull region, renowned for its numerous glaciers, more than any other area in Iceland. Agust appreciates the town’s fantastic restaurants and lively atmosphere, boosted by tourism, which brings a welcoming energy. He loves living there and doesn’t foresee this changing in the near future.


Sunna, who grew up in Hornafjörður and works at the local elementary school, is currently enjoying maternity leave. Her days are filled with activity, and she’s grateful to have most of her family living nearby, a major perk of the area. Deeply connected to her surroundings, Sunna knows the local mountains and landscape well. She’s passionate about introducing her children to nature, teaching them to appreciate each season’s unique beauty and how to dress appropriately for the weather. She cherishes Hornafjörður as her family’s home, feeling a deep sense of gratitude for their life there.


Sindri Ragnarsson, a lifelong resident of Höfn, runs a tour company specializing in ice cave and glacier adventures. In winter, his business is bustling, but summer brings a slower pace, allowing him time for outdoor activities and family. An avid golfer, Sindri treasures the local golf course, famed for its stunning views of glaciers, mountains, and the sea – a true hidden gem of Iceland. Höfn is not just Sindri’s birthplace; it’s a community he loves deeply, offering a sense of intimacy and home.


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