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Dilksnes is a guesthouse as well as a market garden. Dilksnes offers two rooms with shared access to kitchen and bathroom. One bedroom for three people and one bedroom with one double bed and a bunkbed for two people. Dilksnes is 4 km from Höfn town and 1 km from the ring road.
Dilksnes estate has grassy hills with moorland in between.From the hills there is panoramic view of the beautiful mountain circle around Hornafjörður, from Öræfajökull glacier in the west to Horn mountain in the east. The birdlife in the area has great variety, especially in the wetland and marshes.
The owners of Dilksnes are Bjarni Hákonarson, Finndís Harðardóttir and their sons. They bought the estate in 1990 and established the market garden in 1991. The guesthouse was established in 2010.
Visit Vatnajökull
Visit Vatnajökull