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The Northern Lights and how to see them!!

How to see the Northern lights?

Seeing as the Northern Lights are unpredictable far in advance, the longer you stay in Iceland, the likelier it is that you will see them.

First you must look at the Northern lights forecast every night, and it is best to check it out right before going out, as the weather changes quite quickly.
One of the website that is used for the forecast is from the Icelandic Met Office. You can find the forecast under the section Weather, and then on the side you can see Aurora forecast and click on that and you go directly to the page. Make sure to change the time on the bottom scale under the picture. The map of Iceland shows cloud coverage. Look for the white spots, which mean clear skies, while the green means cloudy.  Aurora activity is listed at the top right of their website, this is the activity at midnight on the scale 0 to 9.  The scale changes in accordance with the date selected under the cloud cover map.
Next step is to change the scale to the time it fits your need. Keep in mind that the activity shown days ahead can change and it is always best to look at the forecast the day of the “Northern lights hunt”.

The Northern lights in Iceland are visible as early as August, as soon as the night skies get dark enough and weather conditions are favorable. It helps if it’s cool and crisp outside, and a small moon helps make them easier to spot.

Optimal Conditions for Northern Lights in Iceland

-From September to April
-Clear Skies
-Still Weather
-Lack of Light Pollution
-Correct Solar Wind Activity

Here are some photos of the Northern Lights that professionals have taken all in our region!


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