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Gas Stations

There are a couple of gas stations in the region. When coming from the south the first gas station you encounter after Kirkjubæjarklaustur is the gas station in Freysnes.

Shell Freysnes

Here you can also get burgers, pizzas and a decent section of groceries.

Opening Hours:

  • Mon-Fri 09:00-22:00
  • Sat and sun 09:00-18:00
  • From June 1st daily 09:00-22:00

Located at Skaftafelli 2/by Hótel Skaftafell, highway 1.

N1 Fagurhólsmýri

The second one is only 15 min further from Freysnes and is called N1 Fagurhólsmýri and is located on highway 1. That is a self-service station and is accessible 24/7.

N1 – Nes

After the one in Fagurhólsmýri the next is 110 km (70miles) away and is located in Nes, a small farm 10min outside of Höfn. That is a N1 self-service station and is accessible 24/7.

At Höfn í Hornafirði

In Höfn there are two gas stations, N1 and Olís. Both gas stations offer full-service. They have a cafeteria or restaurant, sell basic necessities and groceries and have clean restrooms available.

Opening hours:

  • Mon.- Sat. 8:00-22:00
  • Sun. 09:00-22:00

Things to have in mind before using the gas stations:

  • Have a chip and pin card! The self-service stations require you to have a chip and pin card to authorize the payment.
  • Get a prepaid gas card. If you are not able to get a chip and pin card from your bank, you could buy a prepaid gas card to use in the unmanned gas stations or after hours. You can get them for 3.000 kr., 5.000 kr. and 10.000 kr.
  • Be careful when filling up! Many self-service stations have the option to choose a certain amount or choose “fill up.” Although choosing the fill-up option is the most convenient option for most Icelanders, foreigners (especially from the US) can run into trouble. The reason is that when you choose “fill up” the company holds a charge for 25.000 as a security deposit on your card and they keep that deposit for up to 48-72 hours until the payment has cleared. They do this even though you just pumped for 10.000 kr. or 15.000 kr.  Those charges can often be quite a burden when you have daily withdrawal limits or limited funds.