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The Vatnajökull Region’s most photographic mountains

The Vatnajökull Region has endless amount of captivating natural attractions that shouldn’t be missed, such as the famous Vestrahorn mountain. We would like to introduce to you four photogenic mountains around the Vatnajökull glacier. They are all just off the main road, so you should definitely make sure they will not be missing in your photo collection from your travel around Iceland. Let’s get to it then!


The first mountain is called Lómagnúpur. It is located between the small village Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Skaftafell national park and marks the Vatnajökull region’s border to the west. Lómagnúpur stands tall on the endless black sand beach Skeiðarársandur, so on nice weather days the mountain can be admired from a distance of several kilometres. Lómagnúpur is very powerful and impressive so it can easily make one feel very small standing next to it. The mountain looks really great on pictures when the weather is calm, as then you may use the surrounding ponds to create mirror effect. A picture of Lómagnúpur with the close-by bridge and running river in the foreground looks also fantastic and will give the picture an interesting dimension. During the summer months, the Lómagnúpur is mostly overgrown with green moss meanwhile the upper part remains black. This specific contrast make a really interesting photo that elevates everyone’s photo album! But most importantly, make sure to stop there on your travel around the region and enjoy the breath-taking views.


The next mountain on our list is the famous Vestrahorn. The mountain is on Stokknes peninsula, located near to the town of Höfn and is very popular for photography. Vestrahorn is beautiful all year around and has everything around it that you would like to have included in a picture. From the calm fine sand dunes of the black sand beach to roaring waves of the Atlantic ocean. Just below the mountain is a Viking village which brings a somewhat magical atmosphere to a picture of Vestrahorn. Many photographers wait by the beach for hours to capture the mountain with northern lights in the winter time, or the midnight sun at the peak of the summer season. In any case, the mountain will look almost unreal. Vestrahorn is famous around the globe and has even appeared in Bollywood movies!  Just another reason to make a stop there and take some pictures!


Just behind Vestrahorn is another, smaller mountain called Brunnhorn. It is interesting because from one side it strongly resembles the Batman sign and is therefore more commonly referred to as the Batman mountain by locals. Nevertheless, you can easily walk around the mountain and take fantastic pictures from all sides.


The last mountain that is popular for photography, but certainly not the least, is Eystrahorn. The mountain is located just off the main road between Höfn and Djúpivogur and marks the boarder of Vatnajökull region to the east. It looks a lot like Vetrahorn mountain in shape and features a range of colours from green and yellow to orange. Eystrahorn is most often photographed from Hvalnes peninsula, where there is also a cute lighthouse to photograph. After rainy days small ponds may appear which gives you the opportunity to take pictures of the whole mountain and create a mirror effect.

All of the mountains have interesting photographic features and each has their own charm. We recommend that you make a stop by these mountains to capture unforgettable moments, on your travel through the Vatnajökull region.

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