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How to get to the famous Vestrahorn?

How to get to Vestrahorn?

First of all, you have to get to Höfn, and here is a blog about how to do so ????

On the Ring Road drive east past Höfn. After 7 km turn right onto an unmarked gravel road just before the tunnel. Follow this road for over 5km and you will reach the black sand beach of Vestrahorn.

On the left side before the tunnel you have Almannaskarð. Almannaskarð is an old mountain road. Today the south-west ramp is closed for car traffic, as in 2005 it was replaced by a 1300 m long tunnel that curves under a mountain. Since then the area has become a popular hiking path for locals and at the top of the road is a magnificent viewpoint. There you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Hornafjörður region as well as Vatnajökull glacier, on a clear day. It is a charming stop for those who crave the tranquility and natural beauty of the countryside.

Vestrahorn, Vesturhorn or Stokksnes, these are all names for this same place. The area is approximately a ten-minute drive away from Höfn. The Horn area is below Vestra-Horn, a 454-meter-high mountain. It is an interesting geological site composing of un-stratified plutonic rock, mostly gabbro but with some granophyre. East of the mountain is a strange-shaped outcrop called Brunnhorn that stretches out to sea.

One of the first settlement farms in Iceland was Horn, Built by Hrollaugur, son of Rögnvaldur earl of Møre in Norway. Hornafjörður Municipality and several natural sites are named after the settlement farm. In the Second World War, the Horn area became a base for the British army and later a NATO radar station was set up at Stokksnes, south of Horn. At Stokksnes you can feel the power of the Atlantic Ocean as the waves hit the rocky shore with massive force.

Vestrahorn is a photographer’s paradise. Come here to photograph the dramatic landscape, or just sit and enjoy the vast beauty. A very beautiful unspoiled natural site.
The shore features stunning lava dunes, that are constantly being shaped by the natural forces of water and wind. Down towards the sea, it is possible to get perfect reflections in the wet sand. Seals also tend to hang out on the stretch of sand, so if you’re lucky you can catch a picture of a lazing seal as well.

Please note that the beach at Stokksnes is private, and has a small entrance fee. It is quite a popular destination so be prepared for other tourists and photographers.

Visit Vatnajökull
Visit Vatnajökull