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Our tiny fishing town Höfn, has a great variety of local food produced in the region by farmers and fishermen. This blog will tell you about the restaurants that are in Höfn, but there are a whole lot more of them in the whole Vatnajökull Region.  

Höfn literally means harbor in Icelandic, and the town’s livelihood centers on fishing. Vatnajökull Region is not only in great proximity of the Vatnajökull glacier but also to the ocean. The Icelandic langoustine is a specialty of the area and the town Höfn is known as the lobster capital of Iceland.  


The name of the restaurant translated to The Lobster harbor. The restaurant Humarhöfnin is based on the ideology of preparing and serving local food. Here you can enjoy the Icelandic lobster/langoustine while watching the splendid view of the boats in the docks from the windows or sit on the patio on a sunny day with a meal and a refreshing drink and enjoy the lovely scenery. If you prefer something else from the menu they of course, serve Icelandic lamb, arctic char and lots of other delicious courses. 


The restaurant is located in the heart of Höfn, right by the harbor and the information center. The restaurant is in a charming old house built in 1932 and is overlooking the beautiful harbor and the life around it. The restaurant focuses on fresh local ingredients and is in cooperation with local farmers around the region and local boats for fresh ingredients. First-class local langoustine, lamb and duck tempt taste buds, while clever desserts end the meal in style 

Íshúsið Restaurant  

Íshúsið Pizzeria emphasizes on thin stone baked pizzas along with various selection of dishes using high quality ingredients. Íshúsið Pizzeria brings out all the best Höfn has to offer, hospitality, delicious food and nice atmosphere in a beautiful surrounding by the harbor. The restaurant withdraws its name from the old Icehouse that was located at the exact same spot and was used to store big icebergs from the glacier in order to cool fish by the harbor.  


Z-Bistro is a fairly new and lovely restaurant in Höfn in Hornafirði. Their main objective is to provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy Höfn’s delicacy, the langoustines, without having to spend a fortune. They have a large and diverse menu where the langoustines are in the foreground, Z-Bistro offers lobster pasta, lobster salad, lobster pizza, lobster sandwich, just to name a few. If you are not in the mood for seafood, they also offer options such as steaks, burgers, and sandwiches along with some vegetarian options. Everyone should find something to their liking.  

Kaffi Hornið  

Kaffi Hornið restaurant and café, with airy cathedral ceilings and ample seating for guests has been successful since opening in 1999, alternating as a restaurant, cafe and bar. Kaffi Hornið is situated at the heart of Höfn and offers courses made of the best local ingredients from the Vatnajokull Region. The menu is large, with seafood brought straight from the sea and a local specialities like lamb and beef featuring prominently, as well as vegetarian dishes and salads topped with chicken or lobster. Soup is served daily with homemade bread and a salad.  

Ósinn restaurant  

Ósinn restaurant at Hotel Höfn is located on the first floor. The chef’s main emphases is to use a fresh organic product from the local farmer or the fish market. We serve the lobster in many exciting ways come and have a local feast for the local food and gourmet lover. 

Hafnarbúðin Diner  

Hafnarbúðin is a cheerful small old-school diner, offering a menu of fast food favorites with a local twist. Like lobster baguettes, fish and chips, sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers named after a local fisherman. There is a special breakfast menu in the morning offering classic dishes as well as local favorites and some coffee of course. 

If you are looking for something local, original and authentic, Hafnarbúðin is the place. It is the oldest running restaurant in Höfn established in 1982, located by the harbor, always popular, always real, always yours! 

Ölvisholt brewery makes a very special beer named Vatnajökull Frozen in Time. Brewed from the clear icebergs of Jökulsárlón and spiced with local Arctic Thyme, allowing you to experience with all senses the Vatnajökull region in its purest form. All the restaurants above serve our special beer.  

To sum it up, we are known as the lobster capital of Iceland.  

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